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New end point (CPE) for broadband

I live in Dalgatan 4A and I have an old end point node (CPE) for broadband connection which only supports 100Mbps. I need to upgrade to a new endpoint node (CPE). So I called my service provider OwnIt to upgrade and they have raised an errand to upgrade on my behalf. See  errand/ request / case number 055054. Let me know if you received a request and when will I have a new node installed?
Siraj Mohiuddin


  • Hi Siraj,

    I´ll try to look this up and get back to you as soon as possible. 

    Sofia Nät
  • Hi again Siraj,

    One of my colleagues will contact you personally about this.

    Kind regards, 

    Sofia Nät
  • Thanks for quick response and it is fixed now.
    Siraj Mohiuddin

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